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Benevolence and hanzhong city realty service co., LTD was established2009Years10Month,The registered capital550Wan,National property management qualification,To create the most influential in southern shaanxi、Create the harmonious community。Since its establishment,The scale of operation、Management mode、Service quality in hanzhong area industry leading position。 The formation of companies in the development process“Based on benevolence、Auspicious harmony”The management idea,Health for the enterprise sustainable development laid a solid cultural foundation and strong spiritual pillar。Stick to it“Professional management、Dear ones service”The service idea,Integrity legal conduct realty service activities,To establish a scientific and standardized、Efficient with all sincerity、Safe and civilized operation system,Develop a set of strict management system and operation procedures,Through scientific management to meet customer requirements and continuously improve the service quality。So far the company has to undertake residential property management project30More than a docking high in shaanxi province-----In more detail
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Military flag fluttering,Warsong loud。We ushered in the army of the Chinese people's liberation army92Anniversary,In this way
Prosperity:Congratulations to the kernel and property company won three a day
In June,Scorching heat;In June,Profusion colorful fragrant flowers;In June,We go along,All the way high
The warm spring,Benevolence and property of elderly owner for an outing
Spring and spin,Recovery of all things,Is a good time for outdoor activities。In order to carry forward the love to respect the support of the Chinese nation
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